Here at Craft Your Keg we are in a constant search to find the best way for everyone to take their favorite beer with them.  What we have come up with is our miniature portable craft beer kegs that are the best solution to taking craft beer selections with you.

We all want to take our favorite craft beer selections home from our favorite breweries.  Until now, there have been only a few options on the market: a growler, which once opened needs to be consumed before the night ends,  an unsatisfying six-pack that lacks draft beer quality, or a full-sized keg that requires many people to finish.

 Craft Your Keg has the solution.
Miniature keg systems that allow you to take beer with you, while keeping draft quality fresh.  These innovative kegs are charged with C02  to keep your "to go" beer as fresh as it came out of the tap.  The size of our kegs are carefully planned, large enough to pour many pints at home or share with friends, but small enough to fit in your beer fridge. 

The Craft Your Keg is the perfect vessel for the craft beer drinker.  You can drink their beer... and bring it with you!