Frequently Asked Questions


1) How many ounces to fill The TANKER?  The TANKER holds 169 ounces/5L.  A standard growler will hold 64 ounces/2L.  The TANKER is two and half times larger.

2) How do you fill The TANKER?  The TANKER is filled in the exact same way as the growler.  Take the TANK with the cap to your local Brewery.  Leave your Tapping System at home.

3) How do you tap The TANKER?  Here are some simple steps to get the best results:

    - Like any beer container, do not shake the keg beer before use.               Give it time to settle after bringing it home from the brewery.

    - Remove the TANK cap and replace with Tapping System.

    - Too much pressure will cause foam.  Since the keg beer will have           pressure from the brewery, we suggest to tap a beer before adding       CO2.

    - Open the beer faucet over your beer glass and lightly turn on the            knob of the CO2 regulator.  Start with 2-3 PSI and lightly increase            to 4-5 PSI (max 8-10 PSI) to achieve a perfect pour.

    - If too much foam due to over pressure, pull on the pressure release       ring for a couple of seconds to bleed off the excess pressure.

4) Where do you buy extra CO2 cartridges?  Craft Your Keg does not sell additional CO2 cartridges, but we do recommend the Leland 16 gram threaded cartridges that can be purchased here:

5) What is the round metal plug and spring that is with the spare parts for the tapping system?  Attach the spring to the end of the metal plug and insert into the end of the tapping system before attaching the beer faucet.  This will allow for better flow, almost zero leakage from the faucet and will spring the faucet back to the off position.